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Product Name: Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump

Standard: DIN,SMS,BS,ISO;

Connection: Clamped, Threaded, Flanged;

Material: ASTM304,316,316L;

Working Temperature: -20°C - 150°C

Sealing material:Default Silicone rubber, VITON, EPDM, PTFE and Buna-N are to be selected.Default SiC-Hard alloy,Graphite-SiC and Graphite-Ceramic are also offered.

Date Download:Hygienic Rotary Lobe Pump (Rotor Pump)(3.333MB)


Butterfly rotor pump:
With butterfly rotor,it is superior to other rotor pump when transferring material with high viscosity and larger grain and effectively transports extremely stiff material.
Single butterfly curved rotor pump(grain rotor pump):
This pump series are specially designed to transport material with large grain.Its unique shape and curve makes it more outstanding compared to other pumps in delivering material with large grains.It effectively prevents grains from clashing,which is the first choice of pumps transferring material with grains.

Model Flow per 100
Adjusting speed
Liquid(L/H) Power(Kw)

The flow in the table refers to the data tested taking water as the medium.
Adopts stepless speed regulator or frequency transformer to adjust the speed, with speed
adjustable in 200-900rpm.
The motor power should be increased when delivering high viscosity liquid,
For mediums that flow slowly, suggest delivering in the inlet with pumps of matched flow .
The data in the table is subject to change without notice.See the actual products for the right data.

YY3A-3 3 200-500 300-800 0.55
YY3A-6 6 200-500 650-1600 0.75
YY3A-8 8 200-500 850-2160 1.5
YY3A-12 12 200-500 1300-3200 2.2
YY3A-20 20 200-500 2100-5400 3
YY3A-30 30 200-400 3200-6400 4
YY3A-36 36 200-400 3800-7600 4
YY3A-52 52 200-400 5600-11000 5.5
YY3A-66 66 200-400 7100-14000 7.5
YY3A-78 78 200-400 9000-18000 7.5
YY3A-100 100 200-400 11000-22000 11
YY3A-135 135 200-400 15000-30000 15
YY3A-160 160 200-400 17000-34000 18.5
YY3A-200 200 200-400 21600-43000 22
Shape Size
Model Diameter
L H Power(Kw)H1WW1
YY3A-3 25x1.5 710 290 0.55150150240
YY3A-6 25x1.5 780 390 0.75170190240
YY3A-8 32x1.5 850 400 1.5170190280
YY3A-12 38x1.5 980 450 2.2185220330
YY3A-20 38x1.5 1000 450 3190250330
YY3A-30 42x1.5 1050 480 4220270350
YY3A-36 50.8x1.5 1100 490 4220270360
YY3A-52 63.5x1.5 1250 580 5.5260270480
YY3A-66 63.5x1.5 1350 600 7.5260270480
YY3A-78 76x2 1260 600 7.5295370480
YY3A-100 76x2 1320 670 11295370480
YY3A-135 89x2 1500 670 15295370480
YY3A-160 102x2 1500 720 18.5320420560
YY3A-200 102x2 1500 720 22320420560


Food Industry:
Yogurt, Fresh Butter, Ice Cream, Cheese, Whey, Beer, Wort, Yeast, Soft Drink, Fruit Jelly, Fruit Drink, Ketchup, Fruit Puree, Vegetable Mash, Pudding, Fruit Jam, Jelly, Flavor, Fruit Stuffing, Sweet, Yeast, Seasoning, Bread, Meat Gruel, Comminuted Meat, Meat Oil, Edible Oil, Candy, Syrup, Thin Cream Dressing, Chocolate, Etc.

Daily Chemicals:
Cleansing Facial Milk, Hair Gel, Hair Dyes, Essence Oil, Toothpaste, Detergent, Shampoo, Shoe Polish, Cosmetics, Perfumery- Compound, Soap, Balsam, Etc.

Various Pill, Paste, Emulsifier, Syrup, Nutrition Liquid, Chinese Traditional Patent Medicine, Medicine Grease, Biological Products, Fish Meal, Pollen, Royal Jelly, Vaccine.

Chemical Industry:
Fat, Dissolvent, Resin, Polymer, Paint, Pigment, Dyes, Coating Material, Lubricant, Lubricating Grease, Oil Agent, Emulsified Asphalt, Adhesive, Plastic, Explosives, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Leather, Etc.

Construction Industry:
Various Coating, Including Indoor/outdoor Wall Coating, Corrosion and Water Proof Coating, Ceramic Coating, Paint Coating, Ceramic Glazing, Etc.

Other Industries:
Plastic Industry, Textile Industry, Paper making Industry, Coal Floatation Agent, Nanometer Material, Biochemical Industry, Etc.

Please offer below information when selection:

Name of medium or liquid;

Viscosity and temperature of medium (-20℃ to 150℃, highest sterilizing temperature 180℃);
Delivery head,pressure and flow;
Number and size of particles in medium;
Pump body material:choose 304,316 or 316L according to different medium
Cooling or heating device can be supplied.