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Sanitary liquid ring pumps

Product Name: Sanitary Self-Priming Pump


Connection: Clamp, Threaded/Union, Welded, Flanged;

Material: AISI 316;

Working Temperature: -10°C - 100°C

Sealing Material: Silicone,VITON, EPDM, PTFE, Buna-N;

Surface Treatment: ID Mirror Polished, OD Semi Bright/Sand Blasting;

Application: Chemical, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Dairy etc.

Date Download:Sanitary Liquid Ring Pump(2.364MB)

Main Feature:

CIP self-priming pump adopts acid-resisting stainless steel (AISI 316) in pump body, which has unique acid and alkali resistance, and meets sanitary requirements for food.

As a positive displacement pump, its features are superior to centrifugal pump since it sucks liquid mixed with air or gas and even can work when only air. It is widely used to suck material when liquid level lower than the pump, For instance in the milking room, it sucks milk from the milk barrel. It can also be used in automatic CIP cleaning system as return pump in cleaning tank. The mechanical sealing is built inside, and the temperature of material is better not higher than 100℃.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Liquid(m'/h) Pump lift(m) Suction lift(m) Diameter(mm) Power(Kw)

Note: We can also produce according to customers requirement.

Date Download:Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump(2.30MB)

SLRP-20-4 10-15 18 8 63.5/63.5 4
SLRP-25-5.5 16-24 24 8 76.2/76.2 5.5
SLRP-25-7.5 25-30 28 8 76.2/76.2 7.5